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Sharon Okune, Assoc. AIA

Sharon is the most recent addition to BKP’s design team, joining us in 2021, straight after graduating with M. Arch from Temple University. She initially started with studying art history, her interest in architecture developed during her sophomore year, all thanks to an architecture history course that she audited and its passionate instructor.

Her idea of designing is tied to the sense of community building with active participation of the end user in each step. This idea was further expanded in a second year Design Activism seminar, during her time at Temple, that considered social, environmental, economical & political aspects of the industry.

Apart from working on architectural drawings, she is also involved in other parts of practical training such as collaborating with consultants, client meetings, site visits, documenting progress sheets, etc. Sharon is also an avid illustrator. On weekends, she experiments with sketching & illustrating portraits.