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Jón Stefánsson, ASLA

A landscape architect and recognized expert in zoo habitat design, Jón Stefánsson serves as a BKP consulting partner. He concurrently operates Stefánsson Design & Consulting, LLC, a firm that focuses on client-specific solutions in the field of animal and ecological conservation and education. His relationships with zoos across the country have led to BKP’s architectural involvement on significant exhibit and habitat design projects.

Jón previously served as principal of a leading zoo design practice, spending over two decades developing naturalistic, environmentally responsible exhibits that enrich the experience for animals and visitors. He particularly enjoys the opportunity to engage and teach children about conservation through animals. Jón believes that kids everywhere have the right to see animals from around the world and to understand the importance of conservation and animal welfare.

He regularly travels the globe with clients and zoo administrators to witness firsthand how animals live and how ecosystems work. He brings this knowledge – along with extensive photographs and notes – to conceptualize habitats grounded in authenticity. Jón never misses an opportunity to explore the natural world, from mountain-biking in Nepal to hiking in Tanzania.

A native of Iceland, Jón spent his youth interested in nature and the protection of land and natural resources. After summer jobs working in landscaping and construction, he sought out landscape architecture as a way to combine his interests.

Jón holds a Master of Arts in Landscape Architecture from the Pennsylvania State University and a Bachelor of Arts in Landscape Architecture from the University of Minnesota. He is a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA). Jón’s work has been recognized with multiple awards from the Associations of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA).