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School of Dental Medicine Master Plan

University at Buffalo | Buffalo, NY
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Following successful completion of the Pre-Clinical Simulation Center, BKP was engaged by the University at Buffalo to undertake a School of Dental Medicine Master Plan. The task involved reviewing all clinical teaching spaces, encompassing 55,000 square feet, 12 departments, and 300-plus patient chairs over three floors. The master planning process included building walk-throughs, interviews with department leaders and staff, and student and patient surveys. Four planning workshops and a town hall presentation afforded additional research and communication. BKP focused on how best to support the School of Dental Medicine for the future 10 to 15 years. The team studied adjacencies and shared support needs, as well as phasing and swing space for potential renovation and construction activities. The plan emphasized maintaining yearlong operations and keeping functionality at the forefront. The master plan involved preliminary cost estimates to let the University at Buffalo prioritize and select projects to move forward.

The first three projects are completed:

The Stephanie T. Niciszewska Mucha and Joseph J. Mucha Patient Welcome Center

The Buhite-DiMino Center for Implant Dentistry and Advanced Dental Education

Advanced Education Specialty Clinics

  • Client

    University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine

  • Size

    55,000 square feet

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