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Resources for Independent Living

County Commons | Rio Grande, NJ
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Resources for Independent Living is a community-based member organization serving adults with disabilities. Since 1993, the organization has provided real-world, resource-based learning to increase independence and mobility. BKP designed a tenant fit-out space within an empty shell in County Commons, a former K-Mart retail center for which BKP provided adaptive reuse. The design includes flexible classrooms, a demonstration kitchen, demonstration laundry facility, game room, and sensory safe space.

BKP’s design incorporates a bright, vibrant color palette mixed with the industrial feel of exposed ceiling and framing elements. This minimal approach conserves budget in order to focus on components that benefit members directly. The use of bold color informs wayfinding and sense of place; each room is color-coded to help with orientation throughout the day. Modular partitions dividing classrooms can be repositioned based on class size. Quotations painted on the walls of each room provide inspiration. BKP emphasized going above and beyond ADA code mandates, creating a welcoming center for a population with significant mobility concerns.

  • Client

    Resources for Independent Living

  • Cost

    $1 million

  • Size

    5,000 square feet

Renderings © BKP Architects

“[The] collective dream was to create a center where people with disabilities would have a place to meet socially, receive personal support, and learn how to live independently in the community.”