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Pre-Clinical Simulation Center

University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine | Buffalo, NY
Project Details

For first- and second-year School of Dental Medicine students at University at Buffalo, multi-disciplinary learning is case-based with integrated curriculum. Although the school has a forward-thinking approach, its basement-level pre-clinical lab facilities in Squire Hall did not adequately accommodate advanced technology or new pedagogy. BKP partnered with the school to study trends in dental education, conduct senior faculty workshops, and design renovations to support progressive pedagogy. BKP spent several months researching trends in dental education and learning preferences of millennial and Z-generation students. The resulting redesign eschews traditional rows of lab benches in favor of a clustered workstation approach, where students can naturally assume collaborative roles. Integrated technology impacts the entire teaching and learning experience. Custom-designed workstations include digital dental teaching simulators and monitors provide clear video access of the instructor. Floating ceilings, highly reflective surfaces, white stone counters, and abundant light brighten the basement spaces. A backlit photo mural of downtown Buffalo printed on translucent glass fills an entire wall. The School of Dental Medicine Pre-Clinical Simulation Center project was constructed in two phases to keep the lab fully operational while increasing the number of workstations from 90 to 146.

Media Coverage

Education Snapshots: School of Dental Medicine Pre-Clinical Simulation Center

Hear what students and staff have to say about the new facility:


  • Client

    University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine

  • Cost

    $12 million:
    $6 million – construction
    $6 million – technology

  • Size

    13,500 square feet

  • Honor

    2019 Buffalo Business First Brick by Brick Awards Finalist

Images © Jeffrey Totaro

“This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create a modern and future-adaptable learning and treatment setting—one that facilitates a progressive education and state-of-the-art care delivery.”