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Lion Ridge

Cape May County Park & Zoo | Cape May Courthouse, NJ
Project Details

The Cape May County Park & Zoo offers free year-round admission to a collection of over 550 animals within 85 acres of exhibits. The Lion Ridge project relocates one of the zoo’s most popular animals – the African Lion – to a larger and more centralized habitat. In the first of several projects with both Cape May Zoo and consulting partner Jón Stefánsson, BKP developed a new exhibit sequence for the lion and cheetah.Lion Ridge includes a new lion and cheetah holding building wieeer support spaces, a new lion habitat enclosure, a renovated cheetah exhibit, and view shelters. As guests walk along the main visitor path, they may find themselves walking alongside a big cat. As guests enter adjacent Safari Plaza, they have the opportunity to take shade under the view shelter and encounter close-up interactions with the animals. The view shelters contain training spaces and allow zoo staff to educate guests about the animals, their natural habitat, and the importance of conservation.

The zoo is presently fundraising for construction of the project.

  • Client

    Cape May County

  • Cost

    $6.4 million

  • Size

    2.2 acres

Renderings © BKP Architects