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Inclusive Restrooms at Gallaudet University

Washington, DC
Project Details

Gallaudet has an ongoing initiative to provide inclusive, fair and impartial spaces across campus. The restroom renovations were a major step in meeting that goal. One both the Lower Level and First Floor BKP replaced two traditional men’s and women’s restrooms with gender inclusive multi-stall restrooms collaborating with JSA/MIXdesign.

Each restroom features eleven fully enclosed private bathroom stalls with a shared sink area. Each restroom features two means of access with large openings into the adjacent corridors creating a feeling of openness and safety in the shared sink area. Of the eleven stalls in each restroom there is two traditional ADA stall, one family care ADA stall, and one ambulatory stall. Gallaudet has a significant population of students with physical impairments, thus going beyond the code required accommodation was a focus of every project.


Gallaudet’s reimagined student center tackles sensory challenges

  • Client

    Gallaudet University

  • Cost

    $1.3 Million

  • Size

    1,000 SF

Images © Jeffrey Totaro