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Interfaith Sanctuary at Gallaudet University

Washington, DC
Project Details

The previous 2004 renovation of the building had featured a small chapel space on the Lower Level. As the Gallaudet community has grown the programing for the space has changed to allow for use by students of every faith. However, the room design still hearkened to a traditional Christian aesthetic from the “Chapel” signage to the stained-glass entrance, and pulpit in the room.

BKP worked to make this a truly equitable multi-faith space. A faux skylight was added to evoke a feeling of calm and connection to nature. A woodland mural continued the connection to nature theme. Student groups were polled about their use and storage needs. BKP created a series of movable benches with integral storage designed to meet each of the group’s needs. Students are encouraged to arrange the room to best fit their religious practices. Dimmable lighting and a room “In-Use” sign completed the project allowing students privacy during their contemplation.


Gallaudet’s reimagined student center tackles sensory challenges

  • Client

    Gallaudet University

  • Cost


  • Size

    1,000 SF

Images © Jeffrey Totaro