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Inclusive Restrooms

Gallaudet University | Washington, DC
Project Details

Gallaudet University is a leading international resource for research, innovation, and outreach related to deaf and hard-of-hearing people, with a student population of 1,400. Gallaudet engaged BKP to develop a phased plan and budget for renovating multiple spaces in the I. King Jordan Student Activities Center. The renovation scope involved replacing the building’s main restrooms with new inclusive restrooms, as part of Gallaudet’s ongoing initiative to provide fair and impartial spaces across campus.

BKP collaborated with JSA/MIXdesign to replace two traditional men’s and women’s restrooms on each of two building floors with gender-inclusive multi-stall restrooms. Since Gallaudet’s student population includes many with physical disabilities, the project design exceeded code-required accommodations. Each restroom features 11 fully enclosed private stalls – two traditional ADA accessible stalls, one family-care stall, and one ambulatory stall – along with a shared sink area. To create a feeling of openness and safety in the sink area, large openings provide two means of access into the adjacent corridors.

Design workshops were conducted with the Gallaudet team, and the university’s Office for Students with Disabilities provided invaluable perspective and insights. Even the simplest details – such as door latch locations and aesthetic choices – were carefully considered. A clean, modern palette of bright white is accented by shades of green to visually reinforce the gender-neutral nature of the restrooms.


  • Client

    Gallaudet University

  • Cost

    $1.3 Million

  • Size

    1,000 square feet

Images © Jeffrey Totaro

“We managed to create inclusive, multi-user restrooms – that might not be recorded in the history books of architecture but are historic. I believe this project will have ripple effects not just within Gallaudet, but beyond.”