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Bridesburg Recreation Center Pool

Philadelphia, PA
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Project Details

Built in 1954, the Bridesburg Recreation Center Pool became a much-loved part of the community’s summer memories. City lifeguards received their annual training, countless children took swimming lessons, and the pool hosted the last end-of-season synchronized swim show (a tradition that once took place at all 70 public pools). Reached via a set of concrete stairs, the pool was not accessible. Deterioration over time and frequent leaks also necessitated an update. BKP designed a comprehensive renovation to remove and reconstruct the pool on the same level as the recreation center. A ramp provides wheelchair accessibility to the water. Where the old pool had been enclosed by a concrete wall, the new one opens to the adjacent playing fields – providing improved light, views, and ventilation. BKP designed a new pump house and storage room as well as new bathrooms that connect the pool deck with the recreation center gym.

Media Coverage

Star News Philly: At last, the Bridesburg Recreation Center gets its new pool

  • Client

    City of Philadelphia Department of Parks & Recreation

  • Cost

    $2.75 million

  • Size

    12,000 square feet total
    250-square-foot renovation area

Images © Jeffrey Totaro