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BKP Renovates Five Spaces at Gallaudet University Using DeafSpace Concepts

published March 30, 2022

BKP recently renovated five spaces located in the I. King Jordan Student Activities Center at Gallaudet University — the MarketPlace, a 1990s-era retail food service; the Rathskellar, a center of social gathering and informal seating area; gender-inclusive restrooms; Interfaith Sanctuary; and the Student Kitchen. The project caters to the current needs and expectations of the student body and community.

Being a world-renowned institute for the deaf and hard-of-hearing, Gallaudet has been a trailblazer in changing ways in which the architecture and the design industry engage with the needs of their community. BKP incorporated DeafSpace principles as well as Universal Design principles, ADA regulations, and sustainable features to the new design — from materials to furniture, solid color selections to providing sight lines, every detail is crafted for a multi-sensory experience.

Food Management Magazine highlighted the project in the article, “Gallaudet’s reimagined student center tackles sensory challenges.”